Rocket Pengwin

Eddie Sears was born in Parma, Italy and is also a British dual-citizen living in New York City – his father is English and his mother, Italian. Eddie’s close proximity to music in his early years fueled a passion for storytelling and songwriting, which eventually turned into his first endeavor as a musician at the helm of a punk rock band called The Plasters that went on to tour Italy and the UK.

The Rocket Pengwin concept came to fruition in 2015 when Eddie moved to New York City, and became a catalyst to tell a story that many can relate to: immigrating to a new place, whether from a new country or a new city into another.

The penguin is a bird that can’t fly: so it learned how to swim. Rocket Pengwin is the name of a special penguin that moved from Antarctica to NYC because the ice caps are melting, and the penguin got there via its own rockets.

With a Rocket, one can explore anything and any planet: there’s no limit to where Rocket Pengwin can go. The name contains the word Rock, which is an important pillar of the project. The name contains Pengwin, because our hero is a penguin. However, the distortion to the “W” is to contain the word “win”, as well as being his last name.

With New York City as the backdrop, Rocket Pengwin will personify and quite literally anthropomorphize the experience of the highs and lows of arriving at a new place.

The tone of the music is emotional, anthemic, both intimate and loud, while the tone of the imagery is a balance of real, tough, ironic and lighthearted. The EP will be the score for the Pengwin’s arrival and development of its relationship with New York City.

The first official Rocket Pengwin EP, Planet Earth, is releasing via Ultra Records on Friday April 24th, right after Earth Day (4/22) and just in time for World Penguin Day (4/25).

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